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Tiffany is one of a kind, a special soul and incredibly invested in her business, Spirit + Soul LLC. She is also the mom of two boys!

What do you love most about living on Long Island?

I love that we have so much available to us in our towns.  From bustling Patchogue always having so many fun community events and all of the to die for restaurants to Sayville/Oakdale which is just so pretty and has such a quaint beachy town feel.  I take my kids to Mini Monet in Sayville all the time and we always grab dinner and walk around visiting the shops in town.


How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I have 2 boys: Gavin who is 8 1/2 and Nico who is going to be 5 next month!

Why did you decide to launch your business?

I hit a turning point in my life where I woke up and realized that I wasn’t living life for my own happiness.  I was in a job that I happened to be good at, but was stressful and demanding and not really something that I loved.  From there I began this journey in entrepreneurship that has now led me to co-founding Spirit + Soul with my soul sister Melissa (@moonfulmama).  We wanted to create a space where women who are spiritual or were just beginning their spiritual journey could be in community and take the steps to live their best, most fully expressed life, whether they had a focus on spiritual growth or business growth from a really soul conscious place.  This is the way we grow our own business and live our own life and we realized that the more in flow with the Universe we were, the easier we were manifesting our best lives, so we wanted to pass that along.

Tell us more about Spirit + Soul Studio.

Spirit + Soul LLC has a spiritual growth branch, Spirit + Soul Studio, and a soulful business branch, Sacred Biz.  Spirit + Soul Studio is a virtual studio space (we are manifesting a physical space!) that offers unbelievable classes and services to further your spiritual journey, such as New Moon Circles, Crystal Classes, Manifesting Classes, Meditations, Reiki Healings, Mediumship Readings, Developing Your Intuition, Oracle/Tarot Readings, Divine Feminine studies, and so much more.  It’s a space for learning, growing, and connecting with yourself and the Universe.  We also offer workshops, either hosted by us or hosted by other amazing small businesses in our community.  We are so proud of the work that is being done at Spirit + Soul Studio.  Sacred Biz is where we teach women entrepreneurs how to grow and scale their business with effective business strategy, but most importantly, allowing your soul into your business.  We found that the more we allowed our soul to lead the way in our business, the more the Universe provided to us, and the more we are a magnet to our soulmate clients. So, we began to teach this method through our group program, Sacred Biz Collective and 1:1 coaching.  From there we realized that the way we do business was so different, so we started to provide done-for-you services, such as Social Media Management, in our soul-based style.  We love to help women grow and manifest their dream business because this world needs more women owned companies!  We also have a podcast, The Spirit + Soul Podcast dedicated to all of these topics where we interview amazing guests and give you guidance on how to live your biggest and best life.  You can find us on IG at @spiritandsoulstudio and @spiritualbossmom.

What motivates you?

This may surprise you, but the answer is not my kids or my family.  I wholeheartedly believe that you cannot place motivation on your family because your family will love you regardless of whether you grow and be successful in your business or stay on your spiritual path.  The motivation for growth and success has to come from deep inside you.  YOU have to want to manifest and live your best life so deeply that it gets you out of bed every morning before your kids.  YOU have to want to succeed so deeply because the rewards will greatly impact your quality of life FOR your family.  So my motivating factor is that I have been put on this Earth with a purpose of being a lighthouse for women, meaning that my presence, my words, my actions can help wake up another woman to her own purpose in life and begin to take the steps to live her best, most fully expressed life.  The results of this motivation are that my kids get to watch their mom grow a business from nothing and see what hard work, a purpose, and dedication can bring you.  I get to teach them that when you lead with heart, you are living out your greatest purpose in this life: to create a beautiful world for others.

What is the best mom advice you can give?

To make time and space for you every day.  This might mean that you have to get up earlier than your kids and go to bed earlier so you’re not exhausted.  But, we are expected, whether that’s from our family, society, or we put the pressure of perfection on ourselves, to show up in really big ways in our lives and we CANNOT do that effectively if we don’t show up for ourselves first.  Fill your own cup.  Take time in the morning to have your cup of coffee, breathe in and out deeply, and write down 5 things you’re grateful for (and maybe an affirmation or two!).  Then maybe add on meditation so you can go inward and be with your soul.  Do a yoga class.  Whatever that time of peace looks like for you, do it!  Don’t wait until the end of the day when you’ve already given everything you have to everyone else.  Show up for you first and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the way you show up for everyone else.

Spirit + Soul  has a few workshops coming up!  One on Wednesday 9/29 at 5:30 PM called Strategy + Soul Business Intensive for women small business owners where we are focusing on finding alignment in your business through combining strategy and soul.  They have in-person full moon circles throughout the year.  They will also be at Healing Mocean Massage in Port Jeff giving a workshop on Self Care on 10/2 at 11 AM and will be doing a mini-women’s circle and oracle card readings at Bella Radici Hair Lounge in Huntington on 10/5.

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