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After over a year and a half of being primarily homebodies, we’re experiencing serious wanderlust. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Treat, an innovative new brand that’s set to launch their app in August and offering a holistic approach to  travel, health and wellness through virtual care, products, content, select airport wellness centers and more.

Whether you’re 100% ready to start planning trips, eager to get back out there but have uneasiness about pandemic safety, or just want to experience an upgraded, healthier travel experience, Treat is a tool that can help you get back to normal—or find a new normal. We spoke to Kelsey Hanson, SVP Marketing & Communications for Treat and a mom to two kids, 9 and 12, about this game-changing brand.

Can you please tell us a bit more about Treat?
Treat is a multi-channel business and lifestyle brand, bringing together virtual and on-site integrated health and wellness care to savvy travelers. It is the intersection of travel, health and wellness where you can access pro tips and tricks, real-time travel requirements, curated retail products, and health and wellness services both through the mobile app but also on-site in premium airport wellness centers. With a Treat membership, access to on-demand 24-7 virtual care will provide the ability to travel again safely and responsibly, and our in-airport hospitality experiences will ease anxiety as we all get back to traveling. For me, a brand that looks beautiful, lets me shop and provides chat care on-demand if my kiddo gets sick on a trip?? No-brainer!



Why is this the perfect time for it to launch and grow?
There is a want state and a need state colliding right now. Everyone wants to return to travel, and everyone needs to do so safely and responsibly. And there will be current heightened anxiety around travel, but likely long-term implications from COVID that will be part of our preparedness forever. We all should be aspiring to live a healthier lifestyle in general—and we need to be especially diligent as we travel.

How is this so different from anything else out there?
Once we launch all of our products this year, it will become more obvious how to incorporate Treat into your lifestyle. We are different from other telehealth providers because we offer original content, gorgeous physical experiences that don’t feel like doctors’ offices, and on-demand care without a provider in between. We are different from content / lifestyle sites because we actually offer care, have a medical advisory board and have run in-airport COVID testing centers in 11 states over the last year via our other brand, XpresCheck. It’s bringing three pillars together that haven’t lived together before, in a sweet spot right now as travel returns.

Why is this product/service so valuable to busy parents, in particular?
I feel like this will be valuable to everyone, because of the immediate access (with a membership) to on-demand care. But as a parent myself, it’s even better. No calling ahead, no appointments, no waiting. Just chat-based in-app care, even at 3 am, even if you are in Thailand.

Can you tell us more about the app, including launch date and what it will entail?
The app [in its initial launch] is slated to launch in August, and will entail access to creating a Treat membership, access to on-demand virtual care, access to all of our content and access to our COVID requirements travel database.. more functionality to come with the second version.

What is “revenge travel” and can you please tell us a bit about your “revenge responsibly” initiative?
To us, revenge travel is about reclaiming lost time and adventures. People are planning huge trips, mostly leisure travel, to make up for time they lost, or to start YOLO-ing before something else happens…it’s a crazy time. And if you are going to revenge, we want you to #revengeresponsibly using Treat.

Love that! What is the immediate goal for the brand—and ultimately.
Right now, we are trying to launch and gather brand awareness. When the app launches, we will be driving memberships, and within the next year as we start building our brick and mortar experiences, we will be available along multiple touchpoints as people travel, learning from the day to day and constantly improving our experience, building our brand and helping people live and travel well.

What’s on your own bucket list for travel/wanderlust destinations?
I need to get back to Istanbul for a Hamam because I didn’t have time last trip. I’m also looking at Vietnam and Morocco. But my revenge travel that I’ve already planned involves a favorite, Paris, and taking my daughter and mother there next spring for a birthday trip. They have never been.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Just that I, personally, want to help the moms of the world get out there and live their best, big, fullest lives, safely and responsibly.

This post is sponsored by Treat.

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