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CONGRATULATIONS! You’re pregnant, now what?

It’s safe to say pregnancy is tough no matter the season, but being pregnant in a pandemic is a whole new ballgame! Within the past year, expectant parents have had all sorts of curveballs thrown at them. An otherwise joyous occasion has been filled with uncertainty, dads being left out of appointments, and zoom baby showers. For any expectant parent, especially first time ones, this has been a rough journey.

Well if parenthood teaches us anything, it’s to be adaptable. Luckily there have been adjustments made to make sure parents-to-be can enjoy their pregnancy journey as much as possible. Here are some things that can help!


Virtual Classes

While in person classes have been limited or stopped altogether, there are a ton of virtual classes to help parents be as prepared as possible! The Nesting Place offers classes such as Childbirth Preparation, A 6 part prenatal education class, and even a VBAC information session. These are just some of the many classes and sessions that they offer to parents whether it’s their first time or third!



Virtual Yoga


Prenatal yoga should be essential for every expectant mother. It improves your strength, flexibility and works the muscles needed for childbirth. It relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety, and can improve your sleep! Staying active during pregnancy is so important and yoga is the perfect low impact activity to keep you moving. Even if you’re a beginner, virtual yoga is a great way to prepare your body for labor in the comfort of your own home, no mask required! 


At Home Sonograms

Understandably, one of the hardest parts of being pregnant during a pandemic is going to the appointments alone, that includes the sonograms. Often, our partners, the fathers-to-be don’t get to experience the sound of hearing their baby’s heartbeat for the first time or seeing the baby move on the monitor. Luckily there is a service available to parents on Long Island called W.O.M.B. (Wonders of my Belly) which offers sonograms in the comfort of your own living room! This means not only future parents, but even grandparents and siblings can experience the joy of meeting the newest family member! If you’re lucky, you may even learn the gender too! It’s a great way to feel some sort of normalcy in this pregnancy journey.


Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Okay this one may not be virtual, but that’s a good thing! Having routine chiropractic appointments during pregnancy are very helpful to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Of course check with your doctor or midwife first! Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to reduce nausea in the first trimester, reduce labor times, provide enough space for your baby to develop and descend into the birth canal, and relieve back pain that a growing baby can put on a mom. Regular chiropractic care leads to an overall healthier pregnancy and recovery for a mother. If you’re worried about too much pressure being put on your body, don’t worry! Prenatal adjustments are gentle on your body, and safe! But again, check with your medical provider prior to making an appointment!

Mama, you got this!

This may not how you pictured your pregnancy, but we can make the best of it! Enjoy these 40 weeks because while they seem long, they really do go fast! Look at quarantine as a blessing in disguise. It gives you plenty of time to prepare for baby’s arrival, prep the nursery, and even bond with older children and prepare them for their new sibling! Congratulations on your pregnancy, your baby, and we wish you a safe and speedy labor!


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