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As Mom’s, we are constantly balancing kids and bags and contorting our bodies into weird positions just to get things done. If you’ve ever wished you could do something about that nagging back pain or your tight shoulders– physical therapy may be just what the doctor ordered (literally). We talked to Mark Willenbacher & Michael Dagro of True Potential Physical Therapy, P.C in Bayport, to find out more about how physical therapy can help!

Michael Dagro, DPT (left) & Mark Willenbacher, PTA (right) of True Potential, P.C

What inspired you to become a physical therapist?

Michael Dagro, DPT: I was always into fitness and understanding how the human body works. It led me to furthering my knowledge to become a DPT.

Mark Willenbacher, PTA: I, myself was in and out of PT growing up with many injuries from playing sports. I also have a father who is in a wheelchair and witnessed first hand the struggles people have and thought I could help.

Why did you choose Bayport to open your office?

Mark: I’m familiar with the area and noticed the need for physical therapy in Bayport since there are no other PT practices in this town. My wife is also a teacher here at the Middle School for almost a decade now. Since that time, I have been involved with community events and fell in love with Bayport. When I saw the opportunity open up here I immediately brought Mike to come take a look and he fell in love with it as well.

Why might someone need physical therapy?

Mike: People need PT for various reasons. There are people who have nagging injuries or pain that may not subside on their own, which physical therapy may help without any surgeries or pain medications. There are also individuals who have had surgery and need our expertise in guiding them through the rehab process in a safe and efficient manner. Some of the older population have issues with their balance or gait and need rehab to help strengthen and improve their safety awareness to avoid falls. We urge the public to call us and ask us if physical therapy would be right for them. We offer free screenings for anyone unsure what their injury could be or if PT would help them.

Are only major injuries treated through physical therapy or can you help address smaller aches and pains?

Mark: We can most certainly address small aches and pains. Let’s face it, most of us have aches and pains in some kind of way and physical therapy can improve our quality of life without going straight to surgery or pain medications. It’s always better to treat the issue directly. Pain medications just mask what’s really going on, but you don’t want to rely on these meds for the rest of your life. Physical therapy is a safer way to go about addressing any issues you may have relating to an injury, pain or poor balance.

What does a typical first appointment in your office look like?

Mike: On the first appointment, every patient receives a comprehensive evaluation by myself where I ask questions about the injury/issue. I then perform manual testing to determine weaknesses/deficiencies that need to be worked on and then a treatment plan is put together based on all the information gathered. In addition to the evaluation, every patient receives treatment on the first visit as well. The type of treatment given is determined after the evaluation is performed and all the necessary information is collected.

What sets you apart from other physical therapy offices?

Mark: At True Potential Physical Therapy, P.C., every patient can expect an individualized one on one treatment session with their therapist. Our office is an open concept room and eyes of a professional are always on the patients; watching, assisting, and making corrections with exercises given to them designed toward their treatment goals. We are a hands on, manual therapy focused clinic. It’s not just hot and cold packs and then exercises in a gym. We take pride in reaching each patient on a personal level to really understand what they’re looking for in their rehab goals. Some people want to return to their weekend warrior activities, and some just want to be able to play with their grandkids again. We want our patients feeling like this place is their home and to feel comfortable when they are here.

What kinds of services does your office offer?

Mike: We focus on manual therapy with our patients if their treatment plan calls for it. We offer services for balance/fall prevention therapy, pre and post surgical rehab, joint replacement therapy (very popular here), spinal and core stabilization, sports specific therapy/training, plantar fasciitis rehab, sports taping like McConnell and Kinesio taping, as well as athletic stretching. This is just a short list of services we can provide here at TPPT.

Do you accept insurance?

Mike: Yes, we do. We urge potential patients to call our office and ask us about specific questions when it comes to your insurance and physical therapy benefits.

Do you work with adults only or children? What age ranges?

Mark: We work with all ages.

What is something most people don’t know about physical therapy?

Mark: For most insurance plans, a patient can be seen by a physical therapist without seeing a doctor/orthopedist first. Under the direct access law in NYS, a patient can be seen up to the first 10 visits or 30 days (whichever comes first) without having a script from a doctor. This is a great way to begin a physical therapy program if you are unsure if it is right for you.


True Potential Physical Therapy, P.C is located at 899 Montauk Highway in Bayport, just across from the Bayport Flower Houses, in the shopping center with 7-Eleven and Starbucks.

They are proud to offer FREE SCREENINGS for all potential new patients – its a great way to get to know you and your situation as well as you to get to know us. To schedule yours or to learn more about becoming a patient, call us the office at 631-823-0600 or use the request an appointment form on their Contact us Page! 

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