Ten Super Simple Ways to Practice Self Care for Busy Moms | Sayville Patchogue Moms

Whether you are a new mom or your kids are grown, if you are a stay at home mom or work outside the home, if your kids were breastfed or bottle fed- WE ALL GIVE OUR ALL TO OUR KIDS. This means we often put our own needs at the bottom of the totem pole. There is so much out there about “self care” and doing things for yourself but in certain seasons of life self care just looks DIFFERENT. It may not be possible to get weekly massages or manicures and that doesn’t mean that there aren’t super simple, FREE ways for you to take even just a few moments to yourself- right at home amidst the chaos.

I read this list of ways to give yourself a little love by Rachel from CandoKiddo (one of my favorites) and I wanted to share it with you, in case you are also in the season of life where self care feels impossible.

I present to you, super simple ways to practice self care even if you are in the weeds of motherhood:

1. Take 5 deep breaths. Anytime. In the midst of changing a diaper blow-out, washing a bottle, white-knuckling the arm of the couch as your partner tries to soothe your fussy baby in the next room. Just. Breathe.
2. Take a quick bath or shower with the lights off. I don’t know why it’s so awesome but it is.
3. Stretch your back for 1 minute. Bend over. Reach for the sky. Roll your shoulders. Babies are HARD on your body and a stretch might be just what you need.
4. Remind yourself what day it is. Sounds silly, right? But if you’ve ever felt unanchored in the all-day-every-day of parenting an infant and being on maternity leave, you’ve probably forgotten what day or month it is. Take a minute to remember.
5. Savor 5 sips of a hot beverage. The odds are low that you’ll make it through a whole hot cuppa anything anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t really enjoy those first few sips!
6. 1 Minute Virtual Journal. Think about your favorite moment of the day. No need to write it down or beat yourself up for not getting started on the baby book. Just spend a moment going to a happy place.
7. Put on some lotion. Even if it’s just on your hands. Even if it’s baby lotion.
8. Drink a big glass of water. There’s no shame in chugging if you need to.
9. Soak your feet in the tub. Don’t have time for a bath? Can’t put baby down? Just sit on the edge of the tub and soak your toesies for a few minutes. You can even hold a clingy baby while you do this!
10. Kiss your spouse. If you’re not feeling a middle school make-out session, that’s okay. Just pause for a quick peck in the midst of it all. You are in it TOGETHER.

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