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Crock Pot Meals = Super Bowl Win

The Super Bowl.  I am not a fan of football, but I am a fan of football food.  Who’s with me?

I mean, any “holiday” with as many wings as you can eat as it’s iconic food choice is really a holiday for me.  What I have found though, is that making a bunch of apps is super time consuming. What’s going in and out of the oven and timing everything just right can be a hassle.  So, let’s enlist the help of our MVP…

The Crock Pot.

Yes, the Crock Pot that helps you with weeknight meals can actually double as your saving grace for getting to watch the game (or the commercials and half time show in my case!) in peace.  I have two awesome recipes for you that are both no effort and delicious. Want in? Let’s get to it.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Blue Cheese Slaw



  • 4 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/4 cup white wine or light beer
  • 1/4 cup low sodium chicken stock
  • 1 white onion, sliced into thin half moons
  • 3 garlic cloves, smashed
  • Salt and pepper


  • 1/3 cup mayo
  • 1/3 cup sour cream
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1–2 tablespoons fresh squeeze lemon juice
  • 1/2–1 cup crumbled (small) blue cheese, like Chiriboga
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1/4–1/3 cup milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon granulated garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 package of cole slaw mix (no dressing)
  • 1/4 cup thinly sliced, half moon red onions

Buffalo Chicken

  • 1, 8 oz package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup shredded Spicy English Cheddar Cheese
  • 1/2 cup shredded Cheddar Cheese or Mexican Cheese Blend
  • 3/4–1 cup Franks Red Hot Sauce (depending on how spicy you want it)
  • 1/4–1/2 cup the blue cheese dressing made above
  • All of the chicken from the crock pot, shredded
  • Salt to taste
  • Chicken stock for loosening
  • Slider buns


  1. Add all the “Crock Pot Chicken” ingredients to the Crock Pot and cook on high for 5 1/2-6 hours.
  2. While the chicken is cooking, make the Blue Cheese dressing.  Add all of the ingredient up to the cole slaw mix.  Mix the dressing really well, breaking up the blue cheese as you go.
  3. Combine the cole slaw and the red onions and mix together with tongs.  Add 1/2-3/4 of the dressing to the cole slaw.  You want it to be wet, but not sopping.  Store in the fridge until the chicken is done.
  4. When the chicken is done cooking in the Crock Pot, remove it and some of the onions and place on a cutting board.  Carefully dump out the juice left in the crock pot and wipe clean.  Keep on low.
  5. Shred all the chicken with two forks.
  6. Dump the cream cheese, shredded cheeses, and hot sauce into the crock pot.  Leave it for about 2 minutes, then start to combine, mixing up the cream cheese as you go.  When combined well, add the blue cheese dressing.  Mix well.
  7. Add the shredded chicken to the pot.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Add a little chicken stock to loosen the mixture.  It should be thinner than the original dip, but not soupy.  Mix well.
  8. Top the slider buns with the chicken mixture.  Then put a heaping pile of cole slaw right on top and top with the remaining slider bun and enjoy!

Pulled Pork Slider Bar

1, 4-6 lb. pork butt or pork shoulder⁠
Salt, Pepper, Granulated Garlic (or Garlic Powder)⁠
1 onion, sliced into thin half moons⁠
2 cloves of garlic, smashed⁠
1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce ⁠
Slider buns or bullet rolls and all the toppings you can think of (coleslaw, pickles, jalapenos, cheese, red onions, etc)⁠
. ⁠
1. Cut off any large pieces of fat you see on the outside. Season the pork butt generously with the salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. Place all the ingredients in the Crock Pot, mix them all around and cook for 8 hours on low.

  1. Remove the lid of the Crock Pot, discard the garlic, and shred the pork with two forks. Make sure the pork gets covered in the BBQ sauce left in the bottom of the Crock Pot again. Serve with buns and all your favorite toppings, like cheese, red onions, coleslaw, corn chips, etc.



Tiffany Cohen runs the food blog Whatcha Cooking Good Looking? and is a Food / Product Photographer and Recipe Developer.  She is a wife and mom of two little guys.  She lives in Oakdale and loves to support local businesses and people in her community doing great things!  

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