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Hilary Swank has been a household name for decades, having cemented her name as an A-list actress by winning the Academy Award for Boys Don’t Cry. Five years later, she won again for Million Dollar Baby. Most recently, the actress, who lived in a trailer park and then car before becoming Hollywood royalty, added “mother” to her list of credits.

In this week’s Meet a Mom interview, The Local Moms Network asked Hilary about becoming a first time mom to twins (daughter Aya and son Ohm) at 48, her partnership with HealthyBaby, and more.

Congratulations on the birth of your twins Aya and Ohm! How do you think having kids in your 40s has informed your motherhood?
I think if anything I was more present. I had done everything I wanted to do as an individual, so I was then confident and strong enough in who I was to be able to fully give myself (and my best self at that) to my babies.

Love that – something a lot of older moms can relate to for sure. You recently partnered with HealthyBaby – one of our favorite brands as well! What does your role entail as Chief Innovation Officer and why did you decide to partner with them?
As soon as I spoke with Shazi (the CEO of Healthy Baby), I knew our values aligned and we shared a vision for a healthier environment for mothers and babies, collaborating together now is really a dream. I work closely with her to envision, brainstorm, and develop new ways of creating products that are fully clean, safe and the healthiest possible option for everything we need from pre-pregnancy to the toddler stage.

What are your favorite products?
My favorite product after the diaper is the postnatal vitamin. It takes so much stress off having to find and buy all the different vitamins and supplements we need to ensure we’re caring for our bodies both pre, during and post-pregnancy, and makes it convenient to take the highest quality vitamins in the most adorable, easy to grab packets – complete with encouraging quotes to remind us of just how capable we are as Mamas!

Such a lovely touch. You have a new movie out, Ordinary Angels! How did becoming a mom impact your work?
I actually got pregnant about 6 months after wrapping Ordinary Angels but becoming a mother will definitely add a layer of emotion and personal connection when I step into mother-related roles.

You’ve said motherhood “transformed” you. Can you please expand on that?
It is like seeing life through two sets of brand new eyes. Everything is miraculous, exciting, and new. It adds a light to your world and a love that you don’t know exists until you experience it. Life is just that much more full, and each day waking up to them feels like the best day.

What is your motherhood mantra or the best advice you’ve received as a mom?
Let them feel and don’t try to feel for them. Emotions are meant to be felt and while often times we don’t understand what our children are feeling or thinking, all we can do is support them and let them know that we are here for them. We learn so much about ourselves when we become parents and I think the more we focus our attention within, the better we’re able to understand how our own lens affects the ways in which we understand our children. It is so important to let them feel and develop their own lens. I suppose this all falls into the bucket of always keeping “nurturing them” as my guiding light.

You’ve been an icon of fitness and wellness. What is your current routine (exercise, nutrition, supplements) that help you have energy as a new mom? How has your fitness routine and how you define wellness changed over the years – or since becoming a mom?
My goal post-pregnancy was simple, to get my strength back so I could be strong enough to properly support my twins. I have gotten back to the tennis court and where we are in Washington we have the joy of going on incredible hikes with our 5 rescue dogs and the babies, incorporating both nature and movement into our routine as a family. I think wellness is really about building our mind-body connection and fueling ourselves with energy sources in all different forms (food, nature, exercise) so we in turn create the energy that allows us to live to our full potential.

You’ve talked about growing up with very little, at one point sleeping in your mom’s car when you first moved to Los Angeles. What lessons did you learn from her that have maybe impacted the way you parent or you as a mom?
That it’s more important who you’re with than what you have. Our kids won’t remember the fancy gifts or cool toys like they will the special moments we spend with them and how deeply they feel connected to us. Money comes and goes but time is something we never get back and ensuring I’m present with them at every stage is more important than anything else.

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